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Spa and Wellness

After passing through a magnificent carved wooden door, the Aravalli centre appears surrounded by a water basin like a real Maharajah palace. Everything invites you to transport yourself in a feeling of travel to the south of Rajasthan, in the Mewar region.

Immediately welcomed, you are installed with particular attention in the delicately decorated lounge where a refreshment is offered to you. A sweet scent of jasmine perfumes the place… Everything is done to make you live a unique moment.

Inspired by Ayurvedic Indian traditions, the care techniques have been reworked to give them a contemporary touch. No brand of beauty products is highlighted. Balms, creams and oils are scrupulously selected for their therapeutic properties and the scents, masks and scrubs are meticulously created by Aravalli’s team.

In the heart of this unique care area in Mauritius, you become the King/Queen of the Aravalli….

Open every day from 9am to 7pm
Avenue Beau Manguier, Bain Boeuf, Grand Bay, Mauritius Island
+230 262 5652
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