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Underwater camera drone

Go scuba diving with your private cameraman! iBubble is the 1st autonomous underwater drone programmed to accompany you and film you on your excursions and diving holidays.

Today you can explore the beauty of Mauritius’ seabed and the iBubble drone accompanies you and films you according to one of the 7 automated scenarios you have chosen. It is the assurance of having professional shots from many different angles.

The 7 engines that equip the iBubble drone ensure mobility and stability that guarantee unique shots. Thanks to its power, whatever the current, it follows you in your dive without any difficulty to offer you the best videos of your underwater escapades. Equipped with automatic visual recognition and sonar, it knows how to avoid all obstacles. Its autonomy of 1h30 (and more with interchangeable batteries) is more than enough to follow you during your different dives.

Ideal diving partner, it allows you to fully enjoy your scuba diving and the pleasure of admiring the beauty of Mauritius’ underwater world. You will be able to share with your friends these unique memories of your trip to Mauritius with the videos that your iBubble will have filmed for you.

For diving centers, it is the ideal tool to film first dives and debrief gestures, the different technical aspects of divers in training or improvement. iBubble, the autonomous underwater drone camera is for you the opportunity to sell an additional service to your customers and allow them to keep a video of these unique moments.

iBubble allows you today to relive and share in video with friends your pleasure of diving into the beautiful underwater world of Mauritius. 

Maximum depth: 60m – Battery life: 60 to 90 minutes depending on conditions – Weight: 9kg

iBubble camera drone sous-marin autonome excursion plongée Ile Maurice
ibubble camera drone sous-marin autonome filmer plongée apnée Ile Maurice
iBubble camera drone sous-marin autonome - Pour des vidéos souvenir de vos plongées à l'Ile Maurice
iBubble film et accompagne vos plongées
iBubble camera drone sous-marin autonome - N°1 des drones sous-marin aujourd'hui disponible à l'Ile Maurice


Ouvert du lundi au samedi de 9h00 à 17h00
Centre commercial Sunset Boulevard, Grand Baie, Ile Maurice
+230 5444 6464
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