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Undersea Walk

Walking underwater is certainly an old dream for everyone, it is now possible that you may or may not be able to swim. It is the opportunity to discover the world of tropical fish, the coral reefs and to live a unique experience in an absolutely safe environment through the professionalism of Aquaventure, a pioneer in this activity in Mauritius since 1995.

You start from the magnificent beach of Belle Mare to the diving platform installed in the middle of a turquoise blue lagoon. The entire Aquaventure team has extensive experience in welcoming and supervising this activity, they are both on the water and underwater at your service to make this moment unforgettable.

Accessible from the age of 8, no previous training or experience is required.

You can’t swim, you never thought you’d have your head underwater and be able to admire the underwater world, fish, corals, this activity is for you!!! You will finally be able to discover in complete safety this universe that was not accessible to you. Do not hesitate and get started to make this dream a reality.

Walking underwater is one of the activities to do with friends or family to share this incredible feeling.

It can also be an opportunity to declare a marriage proposal in an unusual place!

Underwater walking is for many a feeling of accomplishment, a dream come true. Experience the ultimate sensation where underwater breathing becomes possible!

Promotion -15% off
The promocode : iViSiT+
Open from 9am to 4pm every day except Sunday
Coastal Road, Belle Mare, Ile Maurice
Phone - WhatsApp
+230 5729 3335
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